Fraud Risk Monitoring (FRM)

Improve your fraud and abuse capture and prevent it proactively.

Virtual attendance

Consistent, comprehensive and near real time identification of risk factors

Applies aggregate experiences to consistently and rapidly discern factors potentially beyond human cognition

Thorough checks on known and machine discovered factors

Embodies expertise and experience of entire team ensuring no human errors

Identifies risks rapidly enabling swifter interventions and risk mitigation

Virtual attendance

Identifies Fraud triggers at individual and aggregate levels

Checks for anomalies at transaction levels and portfolio levels to flag instances as well as unusual trends

Filter out fraudulent leads at distribution level to prevent adverse selection

At underwriting level, checks and flags on blacklisted entities, combinations, geo locations, vehicle types etc

For claims, scrutinizes claims categories, amounts, providers, garages

Portfolio level scans to estimate, plug and provision for leakages

FRM scans risk triggers, monitors information, and provides timely actionable alerts enabling risk management and mitigation.

Assess individual decisions at claims, underwriting, and other business processes

Monitor portfolio and aggregate scenarios and identify emerging risks

Timely alerts allow for intervention and mitigation

Automate monitoring of most processes and triggers allowing effective human expert functioning

Fraud Risk Monitoring

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