Policies and regulations around AI usage: Interpretation and impact

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AI is at the front and center, being used for mission-critical functions more than ever. In many ways, AI has already influenced our day-to-day lives. While AI promises to offer a tremendous boost to existing productivity and efficiency levels in a range of industries such as Financial Services, Education, Health and Medicine, defense, etc., it also raises several ethical, moral, legal, and security concerns.

Legal frameworks to control and govern AI and its impacts are not always clear and varied across geographies. It will be long before global standards emerge; however, there is a broad global agreement on the fundamental ethical and legal norms under which AI-based technology should operate. Some countries have already started to address the legal and policy issues surrounding AI.

This whitepaper presents an overview of the Policies and regulations around AI usage in various geographies, presents a comment on their sufficiency and assesses their impact on our future.

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